Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Curious things I've noticed here

-Environmentally conscious things like low flow toilets and garbage separation

-Environmentally challenging things like wrapping EVERYTHING in plastic 3 times over

- Oddly poetic translations of signs into English

-Vending machines - Everywhere

-Television shows that revolve around eating and making people guess different odours

-Public drinking: the woman on the train holding her Louis Vuitton purse in one hand and extra tall Asahi beer in the other

-People spontaneously speaking English around me to see if I notice

-How foreigners avoid eachother like the plague - Oh no! Gaijin! Hide!

-How many big brands make random things: Sanyo toothpaste, Panasonic bikes

-How quickly foreign men get over the whole school girl outfit

-The bakery next to my place I can all and say: Ohayoo gozaimasu, bagett-o?

-The city vans that announce which garbage day we are go around playing ice cream truck music, I pull out my wallet in futility every time!

There will be more posts!
(Internet at home in about 2 weeks-ish!)


  1. I don't get why people would just speak english around you to see if you notice.

    I don't get the point of doing that...

  2. It's to show that they can speak English. Someone told me it was maybe because they want us to talk to them so that they can practice.

  3. Otokono shito to otokonoko wa gohan o tabete imasu

    Did you notice that? Did you? :P

  4. C'est clair, les Japonais veulent tout le temps pratiquer le anglais. J'ai connu un gars qui me racontait comment ses amis là-bas le harcelaient pour qu'il parlen anglais. Je pense qu'on a beaucoup à apprendre d'eux. Plus d'anglophones devraient adopter cette attitude au Québec. Et tout Québécois devrait avoir cette passion d'apprendre avec n'importe quelle langue. Je m'inclus là-dedans. A ver que le pediré a cualquier persona que me hable en castellano cuando pueda... A ver... A ver... Que me falta valor ! :S

    Est-ce que c'est au Japon ou en Chine qu'ils vendent des crabes vivants dans des vending machines ?