Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Curious things I've noticed here

-Environmentally conscious things like low flow toilets and garbage separation

-Environmentally challenging things like wrapping EVERYTHING in plastic 3 times over

- Oddly poetic translations of signs into English

-Vending machines - Everywhere

-Television shows that revolve around eating and making people guess different odours

-Public drinking: the woman on the train holding her Louis Vuitton purse in one hand and extra tall Asahi beer in the other

-People spontaneously speaking English around me to see if I notice

-How foreigners avoid eachother like the plague - Oh no! Gaijin! Hide!

-How many big brands make random things: Sanyo toothpaste, Panasonic bikes

-How quickly foreign men get over the whole school girl outfit

-The bakery next to my place I can all and say: Ohayoo gozaimasu, bagett-o?

-The city vans that announce which garbage day we are go around playing ice cream truck music, I pull out my wallet in futility every time!

There will be more posts!
(Internet at home in about 2 weeks-ish!)